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Developed by and exclusive to Sub@omic Limited

Everything we know about web design available off-the-peg

Web Diffusion - the exclusive website management system developed by cognitive web design consultancy Sub@omic Limited. Web Diffusion is a business-wide system, a set of content management modules which work seamlessly together to manage and output cognitive designer websites. Web Diffusion scales from the smallest website, for a business startup up, to a heavyweight, designer-website for the larger business with a complex commercial proposition.

Web Diffusion offers you everything we know about web design, off-the-peg.

Why choose Web Diffusion over an ordinary CMS?

First and foremost, you don't have to build the website yourself. Secondly, you don't have to learn how to write code. We take care of the website design, the build, the hosting and the updates - simply write your website copy, find your website photos then go find your market. As you win more business and your offer grows, your Web Diffusion website will scale with you.

All we ask you to do is provide us with your content!

Web Diffusion runs as a managed service

Web Diffusion runs as a website management system that Sub@omic has continuously developed since 2010. We take care of the system development, the site build, the web hosting and the content updates which means that you don't have to roll-up your sleeves and learn how to use, then attempt to get the best out of, a CMS such as Wordpress, Wix, Squarespace, Joomla, Drupal or whatever happens to be the current flavour du jour. Just fill your website with content and watch it go!

Built for speed, built for Google, built for the planet

Sub@omic consistently achieves great organic search engine rankings thanks, in part, due to the incredibly small amount of HTML5 code that our designer websites are built from. This means our websites are not only lightning-fast and semantic (easy for Google to learn the meaning of) but energy-efficient too. The result? Websites that are a pleasure for both humans and robots to use!

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