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Is Web Diffusion A CMS?

No. Web Diffusion is not a content management system - it's so much better than that. Web Diffusion is a system that was invented and is subject to the continual developed by Sub@omic Limited. The exclusive system manages the structure and outputs the content for dozens of websites. In short, Web Diffusion makes everything Sub@omic knows about web design available off-the-peg.

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Everything We Know

Sub@omic describes the websites it creates as cognitive - the processes involved with reading - and the objective of our business is the keep the pages we present clean, clear and concise. We have been building websites since 2002 and, back in 2012, began to build Web Diffusion using everything we know about web design in order to consistently deliver the best possible general purpose websites for business.

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Lightning-Quick & Standards-Compliant

Sub@omic designs, develops and builds bespoke web apps using open-source and commonly supported web technologies. The founding principle of Web Diffusion is that the HTML code that we present is not only semantic and valid but compact and free from bloat. The least amount of code means that your Customers are not left waiting for the information they want your website to provide them with. The validated HTML5 code output by Web Diffusion is standards-compliant and so both humans and robots are able to read and trust the content presented.

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Web Diffusion Runs As A Service-Based Offer

Unlike the operation of a traditional CMS, geared to be managed by somebody other than the team that developed and maintain it, Web Diffusion is exclusively operated by the company that developed it. Sub@omic doesn't expect or rely upon you to manage the website by yourselves - we want to be a fundamental component of your business success and growth online. We possess an unrivalled and intimate knowledge of how Web Diffusion works and want to work with your business so that, together, we may serve your marketplace with the best possible website.

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Web Diffusion Is A Modular System

Web Diffusion has been developed to scale and grow with your business. Website functionality is clustered around general business concepts such as: news; products; services and blogs. Web Diffusion scales from small, one module, websites to large, multiple module, commercial websites. A key component of our drive for cognitive web design is breaking your content down so that we present one concept per page - you'll find that the links presented by the menu and the website content itself result in clean, clear pages which are easy to understand and act upon.


Discover How Web Diffusion Can Secure More Business Opportunities

Our business is built upon the principle that a hit website articulates your business proposition. Sub@omic works to fully understand what makes your business tick and what your Customers will need in order to create a successful website user experience, one that delivers the kind business you'd expect from a premium quality website.

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