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What is Web Diffusion?
What Does Web Diffusion Mean?

The name Web Diffusion is derived from the fashion industry's use of a diffusion line as part of the strategy of massification, where luxury brands attempt to reach a broader market in order to increase both revenue and brand recognition.

In the fashion industry, a diffusion line is the name given to a secondary line of merchandise created by a high-end fashion house or designer that retails at lower prices.

Premium Quality Designer Websites Available Off-The-Peg

Web Diffusion is the website management system designed and developed by Sub@omic to channel everything it knows about web design into your website.

Web design businesses tend to design websites using the same, commonly available CMS as every one else - such as Wordpress, Wix, Joomla, Ionos, Drupal or Squarespace (or whatever happens to be the current fad du jour); and, by so doing, dilutes the value of their efforts and loses the ability to differentiate their offer.

Sub@omic has been designing and developing bespoke websites since 2002 and has continually developed Web Diffusion since 2012 in order to diffuse, not dilute, premium quality web design.

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