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8th St Marylebone Scout Group - "The Diehards"

In 2002, 8th St Marylebone Scout Group in London celebrated their centenary and commissioned Sub@omic to rebuild their website to commemorate their 100th year and look ahead to the next 100.

This wasn't The Diehards' first Web Diffusion website, as the centenary website, pictured above, was designed to replace their first Web Diffusion website that was originally commissioned back in 2017.

The original Web Diffusion website had brought in so much hall hire bookings that the richest Scout Group in the UK had sufficient funds to confidently grow their website further.

Diehard Scout Group mobile website home page
Diehards' responsive website home page.
Scout website photo gallery
Kandersteg, Switzerland, Image Sequencer.
London Scout gang Show photo library archive gallery
Scout Gang Show responsive photo gallery.
Diehards Scout Group's responsive website - Web Diffusion
Diehards' responsive website home page - HD desktop view.
Maida Vale hall hire
Scout Hall hire website carousel.
How to find the Diehards Scout Group
Clear website directions for young and old alike.
Website footer navigation sub-menu
The Diehards' website was the first to be able to use the manually selected website sub-navigation menu in the website footer.
Website building history and image photo gallery
The imageSequencer is used to display a gallery of responsive images as a photo gallery and history archive.
Scouts' responsive website
Downloads of historic and membership documentation to a tablet.
Decorate parent website navigation menu
Inline graphics decorate the site navigation.
Web Diffusion Finder search engine
The Finder - Web Diffusion's site search engine.
Web Diffusion search engine smart results grouped by relevance
Smart result grouping makes finding pages easier.
Cubs joining information
Information for Cubs packed-into the website and clearly presented.
Cub Scout recruitment pages
Photo-rich pages make for great Cub Scout recruitment pages.
Contact form with alfaRomeo form protection
Membership applications are protected from robots and spammers by Web Diffusion's unique alfaRomeo form protection.

3 Year Tour Of Duty

The Scout Law binds young and old to do their best, to do their duty and it's this spirit of service and excellence that underpinned Sub@omic's work with The Diehards website.

The visual identity of The Scout Association was 20 years old when a decision to rebrand for a different age; one in which social media, Facebook and Twitter competed for young people's attention. Scout Groups across the UK were encouraged to adopt the new brand identity and it was this request that coincided with plans that were being made for The Diehards' centenary year.

Our Promise

We had already seen strong search engine performance from our original Web Diffusion website and knew that we had a great platform on which to build a second generation website. Our promise was to deliver a website that continued to bring-in revenue from Scout hall hire bookings and evolve into a long-lasting record of the Group's celebrated history.

Doing Our Best

The Scout Group's ambition for following the lead of their parent association and establishing a presence that was modern, mobile friendly and engaging needed to be carefully blended with website content that documented the Group's rich history. Doing our best for this project meant developing a whole raft of new features for Web Diffusion so that the stated project goals could be hit.

This was the first website to deploy our own 'Finder' website search engine. A dynamic search engine that combines organic search with an innovative help system to assist with frequently asked questions.

It's unlikely that we'll see another combination of events which justify a third rebuild and we're wholly satisfied that this website will honour its role of doing its best and doing its duty for many, many years to come.

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