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Standing Out In The Field

The year was 2012. Kev Holt stood-out in the middle of a field in Devon, trying to get a mobile signal. Exasperated by the brick wall he appeared to have hit in pursuit of the plain, simple, clean, tidy and neat website he needed for their family firewood business, Kev Googled "web design Harpenden" and found Sub@omic.

This was the start of what has become a long and mutually respectful business relationship, one that's seen business growth fuelled by a top-ranking website on Google; a website that's been instrumental in delivering a x15 increase in Phil Holt and Son's customer base.

This is the story of their success.

Phil Holt sensed that life was changing for many people in and around Harpenden; work was taking-over lives and precious family time was being squeezed. Phil has been felling timber for firewood since 1976 and knew that the antidote to a busy modern life was the pure comfort that comes from sitting around a blazing fire.

Phil comments: I could just imagine the ideal new Customer I wanted to attract online. Somebody sat on a train, on the commute home to Harpenden or the surrounding villages; somebody who wants a home delivery of quality firewood for their fireplace, log burner or stove and so gets-out their phone and Googles 'buy logs online'.

This Google SERP screengrab has been edited to illustrate the number one Google rank by removing the sponsored links which appear by default above the organic rankingsA #1 Website With Over 120 Top Ranks on Google

The success Phil Hot has enjoyed has been built on quality produce, traditional service and as come directly from the number one, organic, Google rank that the website has held for well-over 10 years. But success is not built upon just the one #1 rank for 'buy logs online' but also the 120 other number one Google ranks the website fought for and holds-onto.

It's a brilliant website which I've used many times before… from ordering to delivery to burning, you light my fire!Emma Bresslaw - 3rd April 2023
Phil Holt logs Harpenden HD high definition webiste home page
A fully responsive, widescreen, HD, HTML5, cognitive designer website that exerts a superabundance of strength and wins new business on a daily basis.
Phil Holt logs website design home page
Web Diffusion's responsive image sequencer.
Phil Holt logs image sequencer design home page
Web Diffusion's responsive image sequencer.
Phil Holt logs image carousel home page
Web Diffusion's responsive image sequencer.
Phil Holt order logs online
Phil Holt's online log ordering website sychronising the Products module with an order form built into every page of the website.
Where to find Phil Holt
Web Diffusion's Contact Module with Google Maps integration.
Phil Holt's simple website navigation
Web Diffusion's responsive, drop-down, touch menu.
Phil Holt's online log ordering page
Web Diffusion's heirarchical Product module.
Inline online ordering
Web Diffusion's Contact module running in Pro mode enables inline forms for online ordering.
Phil Holt's online order form
Simple, clear, clean responsive form layout.
Phil Holt's firewood and log range
Simple product picking with an HTML5 form.
Sub@omic's innovative spam protection captcha haltHugo
Web Diffusion's innovative and intuitive spam form protection.
Clear communication with customer help and advice
Key to the phenominal success of Phil Holt's website is its clarity and ease of use across all platforms and screen sizes.
Holts Logs total brand adherence
A cognitive designer website such as Holts Logs' website not only adhere's to but spearheads the business brand.
Phil Holt's customer feedback wall
Integrated into the firewood merchant's delivery notes is a Generation Pop QR code that links to an interactive page for posting genuine customer feedback.
Excellent website! Easy to manoeuvre, lots of useful information, all questions answered, really well laid out. Thank you!Sandra Saunders - 3rd January 2023

Get Googled

When Phil first outlined the kind of website he felt he wanted, his initial plan was for a simple, clean, one page website with an online order form at the bottom of the page. Phil was able to show us a website with a wood effect background that he really liked the look of - you can see the DNA of that original request in the website today.

However, where we departed from the initial brief was in the page count. A one page online order form is not going to secure the business of Googling commuters he'd originally envisaged.

The dominance this website asserts across the Google search engine results pages is attributable to two things: the 40+ pages that the website now offers Customers and prospects alike, and the sheer weight of experience that Phil Holt has acquired over the past half a century or so.

Phil's logs are superb, light well, burn well and really good value for money. Have a read on his website, he knows his stuff and this is the reason I took a gamble.Peter Briffett - Google Review

Writing copy for a website is the recurring thing that, throughout the past 20 years that Sub@omic Limited has been in business, we watch our Customers struggle with time and again. Phil had little appetite for writing website copy and took-up our offer of managing the copywriting of the website.

Our approach to writing website content was simple.

We drafted a list of 30 or so questions about his firewood business and, over a coffee and a chocolate Hobnob or two, recorded the dialogue of our directed discussion. When we were done, we transcribed the interview, found the theme and structure and developed the text that forms the main engine of the website to this day.

At the start of this page it was stated that what Sub@omic Limited and Phil Holt & Son enjoy is a long and mutually respectful business relationship. The foundation of this dominant relationship is genuine trust. By taking the time to listen to and learn from the expertise of one another, both Harpenden businesses have enjoyed the success that comes from securing and defending a #1 Google rank for well-over a decade.

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