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Rewriting the Menu for Patricia's Cuisine

There are, perhaps, no better illustrations of what a hit website, strategically designed and developed by a professional, can do for your business than that of the Web Diffusion website built by Sub@omic for #1 Bedfordshire caterer, Patricia Harris.

Can a website bring about a fundamental change to the way you do business?

Yes, absolutely. Sub@omic is built upon the fundamental belief that a hit website articulates your business proposition. Designing and developing a website correctly means that the website designer must have a full understanding of the Customer's business and, in turn, the business of its own Customers. Back in 2013, before we set about pressing the reset button on Patricia's Cuisine, her catering website's menu was a general, priced list of hot and cold dishes.

Sub@omic tore-up the existing menu and crafted a business strategy that was driven purely by SEO and a hunger for more business.

The website SEO strategy totally changed both the shape and the direction of the Bedfordshire catering business. Instead of presenting the caterer's menu as a restaurant would do, we built a website around the Customer and served a website that presents food options based upon the events and celebrations for which Customers would be searching for a caterer. So, instead of having a website that listed the hot and cold food available, the new Web Diffusion website showed what food options would be appropriate for events such as: an 18th birthday party; a wedding reception; a 40th birthday celebration; a funeral; a corporate lunch or a garden party.

A hit website articulates your business proposition.Steve Whiting, Director, Sub@omic Limited

Bedfordshire's No.1 Caterer

This SEO management strategy, combined with the semantic HTML5 output by Web Diffusion and the fantastically received food of Patricia Harris, has completely turned this business around and put the website right at the top of the Google rankings. Patricia now uses SEO to channel new food innovation to market, a strategy that proved vital during the COVID pandemic once Patricia used the website to promote the delivery of cream teas to local households across Bedfordshire.

Patricia's Cuisine photography for a Web Diffusion website
Throughout this Web Diffusion website, photography plays a vital role in distinguising the brand from other caterers and no more so than the immediate impression set by the home page with its background photo of Patricia Harris.
Patricia's Cuisine Web Diffusion website rewrites the menu
The story of this website build is all about the rewriting of the menu and changing the way the business presents and sells its hospitality services. The layout of the catering menus is simple and consistent to cater for the preferences of the typical Customer.
Patricia's Cuisine Bedfordshire caterer's Wall module for Customer feedback
Patricia's website was the first to truly put the Web Diffusion Wall module through its paces. The Wall module allows for the capture, approval and publication of real-world Customer feedback and reviews.
Patricia's Cuisine Bedfordshire caterer's Web Diffusion SEO
The quality and provenance of the ingredients Patricia cooks with is incredibly important and the localism agenda tied-in very neatly with our own SEO efforts.
Patricia's Cuisine Bedfordshire caterer's Web Diffusion website
SEO has paid a crucial role in bringing new business into the Bedfordshire caterer. Using dedicated pages to target new markets has been a particularly successful strategy.
Contact Bedfordshire caterer Patricia's Cuisine
The personality and quality found throughout the website carries-on through to the contact and enquiries page which uses more of Sub@omic's website photography.

The use of Sub@omic's own location photography lifts the website way above the competition and website building costs were kept as low as possible thanks to our training of Patricia, who is in control of her own food photography. Patricia's continued to follow our advice over the years and has grown the website through Web Diffusion's Wall Module to collect, manage and share Customer feedback online. Website growth has, in turn, grown the volume of new business enquiries. Web Diffusion's Links Module has helped foster backlinks between other local businesses and, more recently, the ongoing website optimisation has focussed upon localisation that has opened-up markets in towns close to Eaton Bray which, to date, had been perceived as impenetrable fortresses, guarded by other, lesser, catering businesses.

Back in 2006, Patricia asked us to make a few price changes to her original website, one she'd had since the turn of the millennium and one that was cobbled-together using Visual Page 2.0 for Windows. Our first job was to validate and clean the non-complaint HTML before committing the price updates. Although it was no more than 6 years old, the site was (and there's no gentle way of putting-it) awful. This didn't prevent Patricia from being content with what had been built - it was only when work dried-up as the aftermath of the recession of 2008 began to bite that Patricia recognised the need for change and acted, fast.

This website is not responsive, in other words, the website does not alter its layout depending upon the device that is being used to browse the website. Proving the point that truly great content lies at the heart of your SEO strategy.

Get Your Website To The Top Of Google With A Search Engine Optimised Web Diffusion Website

Find Out How To Build A Hit Website

The secret to building a hit website is to not jump into building the website without firstly thinking about why you're doing it. Sub@omic has written a free web design guide entitled How To Build A Hit Website that sets-out what you should be thinking about before you start assembling your website's pages.The secret to building a hit website is to not jump into building the website without firstly thinking about why you're doing it. Sub@omic has written a <em>free</em> web design guide entitled <i>How To Build A Hit Website</i> that sets-out what you should be thinking about before you start assembling your website's pages.Click here to receive your free printed guide by post.

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